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Training for Members of the ASTRA Network

From 23 – 24 April 2018, the training on the use of international tools and mechanisms in the field of human rights took place in Zagreb (Croatia).

Seminar Consultation on Increasing the Capacity of NGOs and Representatives of State Bodies working with Children who Committed Offenses

On 18 April 2018, the seminar consultation on increasing the capacity of NGOs and representatives of state bodies working with children who committed offences was held for 30 juvenile justice professionals in Shymkent.

FIDH Round Table for Affiliates and Partners from Central Asia

From 26-27 February 2018, the FIDH round table for FIDH affiliates and partners from Central Asia was held in Geneva. Representatives of NGOs from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan took part in the round table (Lilia Khaliulina, from the NGO "Sana Sezim"). The following issues were considered:

Expert Council under the Ombudsman of Human Rights in Kazakhstan

On 20 February 2018, the expert meeting under the ombudsman of human rights in Kazakhstan was held in Astana. The meeting was attended by members of the Council (from the NGO "Sana Sezim" - Khadicha Abysheva), as well as representatives of UNHCR (Maria Voloshkevich), the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Committee of the Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Information Campaign among the Population of the South Kazakhstan Region on Reducing Statelessness

On 9 February 2018, within the framework of a joint project with UNHCR, the NGO“Sana Sezim” started to conduct the large-scale information campaign among the population of the Kazakhstan region on reducing statelessness by distributing booklets and business cards.

Information Campaign within the Project “Dignity and Rights”

On 8 February 2018, - the information campaign in the framework of the USAID Project "Dignity and Rights" with the support of the International Organization for Migration was launched.

International Conference “Prevention of Domestic Violence - Real Steps to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan”

In 8 December 2017, the international conference “Prevention of Domestic Violence – Real Steps to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan” was held in Astana.At the conference, the results of the implemented pilot project "Kazakhstan without Domestic Violence" were announced.

Extended Meeting of the Working Group on Monitoring Violence Against Women

On 7 December 2017, the extended meeting of the working group on monitoring violence against women took place in Astana.

Expert Meeting on the Discussion of the Preliminary Results of a Study on the Assessment of Economic Costs and Damage Resulting from Domestic Violence in Kazakhstan

On 5 December 2017, the expert meeting on the discussion of the preliminary results of a study on the assessment of economic costs and damage resulting from domestic violence in Kazakhstan was held in Astana.

International Campaign “16 Days without Violence”

Every year the NGO "Sana Sezim" takes an active part in the International Campaign "16 Days without Violence". Within the framework of this campaign, together with representatives of state and law enforcement bodies, various activities are held with the population according to the developed plan.