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"CenterAsia”: To them - PLANTATION? Migrant workers travel to Kazakhstan with entire families.

In the fields and tobacco plantations under the burning sun, children workers many of whom have not yet celebrated their tenth birthday work together with their parents from early spring. Migrants who come to our country from neighboring countries are often unaware of their rights and therefore are trafficked and end up in sexual slavery.

Start of a new project for protection of women from violence

 From January 5th, 2011 "Sana Sezim" began the project “Life without violence - the right of every woman” under the financial support of the Open Society Institute (Budapest).

The project activities are designed for 12 months.

Training for young people on prevention of human trafficking

 There were held two trainings for young people within the project "Combating Trafficking in Central Asia, the agency USAID».
January 27th, 2011 The Legal Center For Women's Initiatives "Sana Sezim" conducted a training for young people in South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University.

Regional Conference on refugee protection and international migration in Central Asia

 The regional conference on refugee protection and international migration in Central Asia took place on January 26th 2011 in Astana.

UN Trafficking Fund announces new grant opportunities for NGOs as donations near US$ 1 million

 Vienna. 03 February 2011. The first steps toward the establishment of a UN-led 'Small Grants Facility' for victims of human trafficking were taken today in a move aimed at strengthening on-the-ground assistance to survivors of this brutal crime. A public call will be made over the coming months through the UNODC website.