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“Advocacy Campaign for the observance of the right to receive guaranteed juridical aid for migrant-workers” under financial support of the USAID and IOM in Kazakhstan

Project Timeline:December 2016 - June 2017
Geography project: South Kazakhstan Region, Shymkent
Project goal:reform of national legislation in the field of realization of the rights of migrant workers to receive state-guaranteed juridical assistance.

Project activities:

  • To promote the creation of a working group in South Kazakhstan Region, Shymkent from law enforcement and government agencies, juridical agencies, NGOs and authorities in its field.
  • To organize a platform for dialogue with the Ministry of Justice, the National Bar Association, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan to develop a joint action plan. (In practice it has been found that holding a dialogue platform with a narrow circle of people goes more effectively, more punctually and comprehensively).