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Together is serious power

«Panorama Shymkenta», № 48(1074) 26.11.2010

 Khadicha Abysheva

 President of Legal Center for Women's Initiatives "Sana Sezim",

Kazakhstan continues to conduct the policy of open dialogue with civil society. NGOs with its activities cover almost all social important directions: protection of human rights, support for vulnerable groups, formation of healthy lifestyle, gender equality, development of creative initiatives, etc.  

 About 2 million people of Kazakhstan get various kinds of services provided by NGOs. “The more active and effective the contacts of NGO and the government authorities the better mutual understanding of government and society”-says the expert of non-governmental sector.

The activity of the Legal Center for Women’s Initiatives “Sana Sezim” is directed to the implementation of socially-significant program areas.  The staffs of the Center see their role in the assistance to women and children in social and life orientation in building civil society and democracy, formation of practice of non-violence treatments in society, and also development of movement to protect the rights of women and children.

In order to implement these tasks the Center works closely with the following state structures-the Commission for Women, Family and Demographic Policy under the Oblast  Akim, prosecutors  authorities, Department for Internal Affairs, in particular, with the Department for Combatting violence against women, jointly were conducted the seminars for the staff of law enforcement authorities: “Working with the victim of Domestic Violence”, “ to the Police about Domestic Violence”, “Access to justice for women whose rights were violated”, “Meditation as a way of pre-trial resolution conflicts”. 

Trainings and seminars on themes “Labor Migration”, “Rendering the legal assistance to labor migrants”, “Stop Human Trafficking” were conducted for the Police and Department on Combatting with Organized Crime. The staff of the Center rendered the help in submission of application, psychological rehabilitation, and practical support in a crisis situation, and also to labor migrants in registration on arrival to the Republic of Kazakhstan, the drawing up the labor agreement between employers and employees, extension of the term of presence on the territory of Kazakhstan.  

In the framework of cooperation with the Department for Minors we conducted round table: “Protection of child’s rights and interests”, “ The worst forms of child labor”, “The Elimination of child crime”, and others., “Law and order’’ participated in the raids etc.

Jointly with the Commission for Women, Family and Demography Policy under the Akim of the South of Kazakhstan were conducted the school of political leadership. This project was directed to the implementation of Gender Equality Strategy (2006-2016). In particular, seminars-trainings were conducted on “Gender education” for women leaders in the fields of education, health, business and political active women.   

The works which have done by us allows telling about how the relationship between NGO and government is actively developing. Because we have a common goal - it is building a strong democratic state. Its achievement depends on the active participation, will and professionalism, the authorities and the third sector.