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14-15 September 2010

   14-15 September 2010 President of NGO «Sana Sezim», Khadicha Abysheva took part in the Regional Training on Gender and working migration, which took place in Astana city.

    the frames of the training, the following issues have been discussed:
  • Implementation in Gender and working migration tools of gender sensitive politics;
  • Provision of gender sensitive politics and practice in the countries of destination and in the countries of origin;
  • Gender influence and gender sensitivity in working agreements made between two or many sides;

   Sides responsible for this event organization were Bureau of Supervisor of Economical and Ecological activity OSCE and Centre OSCE in Astana in cooperation with authorities of Kazakhstan, Fond UN for development of women perspectives (UNIFEM), and International Organization for migration (IOM) and International Labor Organization(ILO).