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The world will start the 16 days without violence

«Yuzhnyi Kazakhstan», № 140, 25/11/2005
N. Kazorina

The world will start the 16 days without violence

   On November 25 the international campaign “16 days without violence” begins. The Legal Center for Women's Initiatives “Sana Sezim”, the Commission on Family and Women under the Akim, and the team on the organization of the police to protect women from violence will participate.
   There are more than enough reasons for such large-scale action.
   According to statistics, every third woman in the world is raped, beaten, coerced into sex, or subjected to other forms of violence. Experts compare this situation with other problems like HIV/AIDS or malaria. The number of victims and injured people is very high.
   Therefore, we will celebrate the International Day against Violence against Women to draw the attention of society and of the government to the most common form of human rights violation.
   The plan of campaign in the South Kazakhstan Region is to hold press conferences, provide legal and psychological assistance to victims of violence, distribute booklets and information sheets to the public, operate telephone hotlines, hold ten training sessions, seminars, drawings, “round tables” in schools and universities, and hold “Your day without violence”.
   Envoys from the south will take part in conferences, meetings, and “round tables, which will be held in Astana and Almaty. Organizers call South Kazakhstan to take an active part in all the activities and thus to say “no” to violence!