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Slavery in the 21st Century?

Panorama Shymkenta,09/09/2005
psychologist, NGO "Sana Sezim"
V. Zakutnyaya

Slavery in the 21st Century?!

   The question "What drives women into slavery?" has become almost rhetorical. There is one answer - the hope that they will be able to make money. Few are chasing the dream to become a professional dancer or a nurse. Certainly not all women who migrate to work abroad get into sexual slavery, but those who research detailed information about available jobs and employers are typically those who are between 30 and 40 years old. Younger women are more willing to accept dangerous conditions if they are able to make money.
   Human trafficking is one of the most profitable sectors of criminal business. It comes in third place, only after arms and drugs. The main countries which girls from Kazakhstan are exported to are Turkey, Greece, UAE, Korea, Portugal, among others.
   The scheme that creates sex slaves most often begins with girls who wish to find work abroad. A company offers to quickly obtain their visas, assist with border crossings, and to provide accommodation and employment on arrival to the destination country. They recruit them to work as waitresses, barmaids, fruit sellers, models, nannies, cooks, and dancers in bars.
   The recruitment of girls has also moved to the periphery, where people live very poorly. They also use new and sophisticated recruitment techniques. Here they no longer require waitresses, domestic helpers, and humanitarian aid assistants. They now require one to first get to the destination and report to the company office. It has become very popular to offer girls positions in escort services, with the promise of a large amount of money. On one hand it sounds very promising, but what will they actually end up having to face?
   No one knows the exact number of women who are illegally working abroad; however, the schemes that get them there are well known.
   The Legal Center for Women's Initiatives "Sana Sezim" has the skills to advise those wishing to work abroad. Before you say "yes" to anything and put yourself at risk of becoming a victim of human trafficking, call our phone hotline: 30-01-52! Our assistance is free and confidential.