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There is no excuse for violence!

Panorama Shymkent, 02/09/2005
psychologist, NGO "Sana Sezim"
V. Zakutnyaya

There is no excuse for violence!

   Violence against women has ancient origins and its continued prevalence in our society makes it appear to be eradicable. It is present in all sectors of society and manifests itself in all ethic and cultural groups.
   Domestic violence is difficult to identify and to fight. Many feel that they are justified to beat their wife, children, etc…, but in reality violence cannot be rationalized in a peaceful culture. Domestic violence is usually viewed as a household problem, which limits a woman's ability to formally address it. This and a woman's fear for her, her children, etc… are beneficial for the abuser, who is able to avoid persecution and is able to isolate the victim.
   Why do women endure this violence? The first reason is fear. Women are afraid of losing their husbands. This society does not accommodate single women and many feel that it would be better to endure beatings than to raise their children alone. Furthermore, relatives and friends often convince these women to tolerate and accept their situations. Another important reason that these women endure violence is that if they were to leave their husbands their income would be inadequate to live on.
   Sometimes, women are beaten as a result of feelings of jealousy or possessiveness. Some even argue that women like to be beaten. These patriarchal stereotypes come from the belief that a wife is the property of her husband. Women are beaten for all sorts of circumstantial reasons; they may be beaten because of a man's feeling of ownership towards his wife, but perhaps also as a response to an uncleared cup, a crying child, problems at work, or unresponsiveness.
   If you, your relatives, or your friends have been a victim of any form of domestic violence please call 21-12-03 or visit the Legal Center for Women's Initiatives at 25 Ilyaev Street, Office 17,21 . Here you will always be heard, understood, and supported.