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Yay! On April 28, 2021 our three-month long “Smart Navigator” training for 30 students as part of the “Safe Migration in Central Asia” project, funded by the USAID and implemented by the Winrock International, has successfully finished. Students from the Industrial Technical College gained valuable knowledge about human trafficking issues, learned how to recognize traffickers, as well as how to migrate safely and make the right decision when looking for work abroad.

Due to the quarantine measures at the institution, it was decided to teach in small groups with the students being divided into two groups. The benefits of working in small groups were noted as the following: improved quality of learning by increasing the time given to each participant, the opportunity to ask more questions and get answers to them.

Comparing the results of the pre-training and post-training test, it can be concluded that the training was useful for the participants. The average score on the test before the training was 55.43% and after the training was 67.06%. In addition, more than 70% of the participants who received training with lectures, interactive activities and games, gave a score of "good" and "excellent" for the training. In the feedback the participants noted the usefulness of the training, the interest of their classmates in participating in the training and the desire to get more detailed information about the problems of human trafficking.