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On June 15, 2023the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan launched an operational and preventive measure "STOP Trafficking". It is aimed at detecting and suppressing cases of human trafficking and illegal deprivation of liberty for further exploitation.

The “STOP-Trafficking” event will be conducted from June 14 to June 16, 2023 throughout the country. It is carried out within the framework of the Plan for Further Action on Human Rights and the Rule of Law, which provides for targeted implementation of international standards to ensure the rights of victims of human trafficking. In addition, the President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, at the first session of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the 8th convocation, noted that: "Another serious problem in the sphere of human rights protection is human trafficking. A special law should be adopted to solve this problem.

We attach great importance to informing the population about the problem of human trafficking. As part of the implementation of the government plan, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and the Department of Internal Policy of Turkestan oblast, we placed billboards "People are not goods" in 17 districts of Turkestan province. The main purpose of such events is to attract public attention and raise awareness about the problem of human trafficking.

We urge each of you to be vigilant and attentive to those around you, and to pay attention to potential cases of human trafficking. If you have information that can help fight this crime, please contact law enforcement at 102 or the organization's hotline at +7 702 478 96 63. Your information can be a crucial factor in protecting people's rights and freedoms.