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On May 11, 2023 at the forum on combating trafficking in persons, the draft law "On Trafficking in Persons," developed on behalf of President Tokayev, was presented. This draft law consists of 6 chapters and 22 articles, includes a new conceptual apparatus based on international experience and obligations, clearly defines authorized state bodies, the role of NGOs and the rights of victims, including minors.

In order to effectively combat trafficking in persons, a comprehensive approach is needed, which is why a Concept for Ensuring Public Security for the next five years is also being developed on behalf of the President. An important point will be the annual National Report to the Head of State on the situation of human trafficking, which will analyze the causes and evaluate the activities of state agencies responsible for combating trafficking in persons.

The forum brought together representatives of the police, deputies, lawyers and the nongovernmental sector to discuss international standards and the positive experience of foreign countries in combating trafficking in persons. Shakhnoza Khassanova, director of the NGO "SanaSezim" shared the experience of organization and the results of the project "Together against human trafficking through capacity building of CSOs!", which is implemented in 8 regions of the country.