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On February 14, 2023, an interdepartmental operational meeting on the prevention of torture was held at the Prosecutor's Office of Shymkent, chaired by the prosecutor of Shymkent Mukanov G.K. The meeting was attended by senior officials of the Shymkent City Police Department and the Prosecutor's Office, the Commissioner for Human Rights of Shymkent City and representatives of civil society.

This meeting was held on the instructions of the general prosecutor following an analysis of the causes and conditions of torture, at which the Instructions on ensuring observance of the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in criminal proceedings and in the execution of punishment were presented. The Instruction requires an immediate visit of a prosecutor to the place of torture. As a rule, these will be administrative buildings of law enforcement agencies, police and penitentiary institutions. Prompt departures of the prosecutor will cover all reports and allegations of torture. On the spot it is necessary to organize urgent investigative actions, collection of evidence and appointment of forensic examinations. Committing torture should become an emergency for law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.
Then N.A. Abdezov told about the activity of regional representatives of the Human Rights Ombudsman, about the measures taken to assist in ensuring the constitutional rights and interests of citizens.

Khasanova Sh.K. noted about the readiness of civil society to continue the effect interaction in prevention and assistance in provision of constitutional rights of citizens. The development and approval of this instruction in the future will also provide a mechanism to establish the facts concerning cases of torture, identifying those who have used torture and those who are responsible for such cases, bringing perpetrators to justice (criminal and disciplinary), establishing the causes and conditions that led to such a crime, as well as taking measures to restore the violated rights of citizens, compensation to victims of torture provided by law.