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On April 28, 2022 Murat Aitenov, Akim of Shymkent, met with residents of Abay district. The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Public Council Shalatai Myrzakhmetov and other members of the Public Council (Shakhnoza Khassanova, director of the PA LCWI "Sana Sezim"). The meeting with the population was held in two stages.

First stage: Murat Aitenov provided full information about the work conducted by Akimat of the city for the benefit of the population until 2025. All spheres of life were touched upon: education, health care, construction, equipment with lighting, gas and water in some neighborhoods of the city, housing issues, GDP, security and others. The problematic issues, which require additional funding from the city budget were also voiced.

The second stage: the residents of Abay district had the opportunity to directly ask the problematic questions to Akim. Among the questions were voiced the problems associated with the additional lighting of the streets, the water supply, the disagreement with the renaming of old streets, the personal housing issues of residents. It is necessary to notice that on each of the set questions Akim gave the thorough answers, and for the decision on the received questions on which it is necessary to involve some state structures, has immediately initiated creation of working groups from among the interested parties and representatives of public council for finding-out of the developed circumstances, and acceptance of the further measures.  Instructions were given to all government agencies for a detailed study of the problems encountered for further solutions.