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Today, December 18, 2021 is International Migrants Day, and we all stand up for the rights of every migrant. Migrants not only contribute to the economy, but also benefit society. On International Migrants Day, we would like to share interesting stories of two migrants who received assistance from the PA LCWI "Sana Sezim".

Akhludin, as a migrant from Tajikistan, helped other stranded migrants on the Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan border. He communicated with the consulate and NGOs, then disseminated information to the stranded migrants. Before the pandemic, he was engaged in cosmetic repairs of houses in Kazakhstan. Thanks to Akhludin dozens of families live in beautiful houses.

Saynurdin bobo, as an elder, supported other migrants at the border. He shared his interesting life stories and gave “bata” to the migrants, thereby cheering up the waiting migrants. Before the pandemic, Sainurdin bobo and his children sold more than 3 tons of dried fruit in Karagandy, which helped to decorate tables of many households. 

With these stories we wanted to show the benefits that migrants bring to society. The PA LCWI "Sana Sezim" not only helps migrants, but also contributes to the eradication of prejudice against migrants among the population. Let'sprotecttherightsofmigrantstogether!