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The third and fourth days of the summer school were intense for volunteers from 11 regions. Trainers shared their knowledge and experience, while volunteers actively participated in sessions and interactive games.

On July 21, 2021volunteers learned more detailed information about vulnerable migrants, international documents on combating human trafficking through documentary films and lectures by staff members of the PA LCWI "Sana Sezim". The participants of the summer school were able to use the knowledge they gained in solving cases that were presented to them for discussion in small groups. They looked at all possible ways to help victims of human trafficking and determined the stakeholders that could be involved in solving the problem. After sharing the results of their work, each group received feedback in the form of comments and ideas for improving the results.

On July 22, 2021the volunteers explored issues of identification and learned about the standards of special social services for survivors of human trafficking. To reinforce the knowledge and skills they learned throughout the four days of the camp, volunteers were asked to play a simulation game called "The Trial”. The participants, divided into victims, defendants, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, and witnesses, staged a court session based on the cases of human trafficking victims that they had previously heard. Thus, the volunteers had an opportunity not only to see how court hearings are held, but also to feel how difficult it is to be in the shoes of each of the participants in a court process. At the end of the game all participants had the opportunity to share their impressions and feelings about the game.

At the end of the day, our volunteers not only received theoretical knowledge, but also were able to apply and consolidate their knowledge in practice.