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As part of the 16 Days without Violence campaign, we share information on identifying signs of domestic violence and providing assistance to victims.

Follow the signs of attention:

1. Injuries and scars on the body

2. Isolation from relatives and friends

3. Does not participate in activities that previously liked

4. Has some money

5. Fear, complexes, insecurity


Victims of domestic violence may not have injuries on visible parts of the body (face, hands) and behave as usual near the aggressor. People who are afraid of their aggressor and cannot ask for help from others can convey violence and the need for help in two ways. Pay attention to these signs too.

The first sign is the presence of a black dot on the palm. In the very center of the palm, a black dot with a marker, pen, ink, eyeliner symbolizes domestic violence. Can be observed in recreation areas, outdoors, in public places.

The second sign is special hand signs during a video call (see photo).

If such signs are found, the aggressor should not know that the victim is asking for help. Separate yourself from the aggressor under various pretexts and ask the victim what help is needed. Make sure there are other people around you before helping an injured person. If you know the affected person, please call later on the phone and ask questions that can only be answered "yes" or "no." For example, "Is he listening now?", "Do you need help from the police?"

For victims of domestic violence, there are crisis centers equipped with helplines, social assistance centers and shelters with beds. The center "Sana Sezim" provides free and confidential legal and psychological assistance to victims of domestic violence, and operates a helpline line.