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"Creating Monitoring Model on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Child " Under the financial support of UNICEF

Project timeline: March 7, 2007 - March 7, 2008
Objective: To create a monitoring system for compliance with children's rights and prevent children's rights violations through educational activities.

  • Created a database of government agencies and NGOs working with children.
  • Held four meetings for the Interdepartmental Coordinating Board for the Protection of Children and developed plans for future activities.
  • Trained 20 specialists on monitoring children's rights and dealing with complaints.
  • Consulted 500 crises on the confidential telephone hotline and gave psychological assistance to 200 children at the Center for Protection of the Rights of the Child.
  • Gave 300 legal consultations for children.
  • Provided social assistance for 150 children.
  • Developed and distributed 100 handbooks on monitoring of children's rights and protection.