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«Assistance to victims of trafficking of special social services» under financial support of the «Employment & Social Programs Coordination Administration, South Kazakhstan region»

Lot № 16170590-ГСЗ1
Project Timeline: April 13, 2018 - December 31, 2018
Project Geography: South Kazakhstan Region.

Project Goal: Re-socialization of victims of trafficking, through the provision of complex psychological, educational, professional and juridical services, aimed at restoring the broken or weakened by the strengthening of social ties of the individual circumstances, as well as other measures aimed at the reintegration of victims of trafficking in the family and society.

Project activities: Provision of social support to the victims of human trafficking, aimed at the implementation of the assistance and patronage, victims of trafficking, in order to overcome difficult situations.

Project services:

  • socio-household,
  • socio-psychological,
  • socio-educational,
  • socio-medical,
  • socio-cultural,
  • socio-labor,
  • socio-juridical.