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Simulation exercise «Countering human trafficking on migration routes»

From September 24 to 28, 2018, the first simulation exercise «Countering human trafficking on migration routes» based on the regional hub to combat global threats in Astana, took place in Russian language in Astana.

More than 50 specialists from law enforcement agencies, labor inspectorates, financial investigation units, prosecutors, NGOs (participants from the NGO “Sana Sezim” were Shakhnoza Khassanova and Lilia Khaliulina) and social services from 14 OSCE participating states and cooperation partners took part in event.

For the first time conducted in Russian, the innovation course offers employees who are at the forefront, the ability to simulate anti-trafficking measures using professional actors to create real scenarios of human trafficking. To imitate cases of labor and sexual exploitation, including the participation of children, a fictitious brothel, a construction site and an agricultural field were recreated.

«Gathering experts from different areas, including financial investigation units, social and immigration services, law and NGOs, we are working to bring together an inter-agency and multidisciplinary network of professionals in the OSCE region», - said Valiant Richie, OSCE Acting Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Persons. «Our simulation exercises are realistic, practical and affect related areas to effectively enhance the ability of participating states to identify victims, investigate alleged cases of trafficking in persons and bring exploiters and perpetrators to justice.».

Such an approach was described by previous participants, including Italian Public Prosecutor David Mancini, as «truly unique», and the results «really extraordinary» with an in-depth learning effect because «the border between reality and simulation is becoming increasingly blurred for all participants».

Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Andrei Lukin noted that«International cooperation is essential. The effectiveness of anti-trafficking measures depends on the coordinated and coherent work of performers in different countries. The purpose of this simulation training with the participation of representatives of 14 states is to unite us and join efforts in countering this crime».

This project is part of the ongoing efforts of the Office of the OSCE Special Representative on Combating Trafficking in Persons to help better identify and assist victims of trafficking in persons through a new interstate and intersectoral approach.