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30th July - World Day against Trafficking in Persons

The World Day against Trafficking in Persons is celebrated annually on 30 July and our organization actively takes part.

On this day, together with the UBOP of the Department of Internal Affairs of the SKO information booklets were distributed in the city parks, at the railway station and sports complexes of Shymkent, as well as in the Perinatal Center No. 4. During the action, the public was provided with information on the continuous and effective work of the state and non-governmental sector to counter trafficking in persons, on the principles of personal security when traveling abroad, on the vulnerable situation of migrants and stateless persons. Information was spread about organizations that provide assistance to victims of human trafficking and about the national hotline "116 16".

This event is aimed at attracting the attention of the general public to the problem of human trafficking and its consequences, the situation of victims of human trafficking and the protection of their rights. The event is also intended to remind of the importance and necessity of coordinated actions in the fight against this phenomenon.

To date, according to the organization Walk Free there are 40.3 million slaves worldwide. Kazakhstan in this anti-rating takes the 83rd place out of 167. According to the study of human rights defenders, in Kazakhstan there are 75 thousand people caught in slavery. According to experts, today there are more than 40 million people worldwide. The organization included forced marriage, child labor, and sexual exploitation. In the study, official statistics from 167 countries of the world were used. North Korea, where more than 10 percent of the population are engaged in forced labor, is leading the anti-rating. Kazakhstan was on the 83rd place. In our country, according to estimates of foreign experts, there are 75 thousand slaves.