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Seminar Consultation on Increasing the Capacity of NGOs and Representatives of State Bodies working with Children who Committed Offenses

On 18 April 2018, the seminar consultation on increasing the capacity of NGOs and representatives of state bodies working with children who committed offences was held for 30 juvenile justice professionals in Shymkent.

Objective- increasing the level of knowledge of the members of the commission on juvenile affairs, psychologists and social workers, specialists in child rights protection departments of the Education Department, juvenile police inspectors of the Department of Internal Affairs who are engaged in the development of justice for minors in the region.

"In Kazakhstan, there is already a certain experience in the administration of justice in relation to minors. At the same time, law enforcement practice shows that, unfortunately, there is no clear mechanism for interaction between state bodies of NGOs in matters of justice for children. In the framework of the seminar, the above issues were examined, "said Zulfiya Baisakova, chairman of the Union of Crisis Centers.

The event was conducted and organized within the framework of the project "Improving the functioning of the juvenile justice system in Kazakhstan and increasing the level of access of vulnerable groups to qualified legal assistance" financed by the EU, the Union of Crisis Centers jointly with the PF " Children's Fund Kazakhstan ", KIBHR .