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FIDH Round Table for Affiliates and Partners from Central Asia

From 26-27 February 2018, the FIDH round table for FIDH affiliates and partners from Central Asia was held in Geneva. Representatives of NGOs from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan took part in the round table (Lilia Khaliulina, from the NGO "Sana Sezim"). The following issues were considered:

  • General comments on the final version of the report and recommendations for the report (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, ILO, UN, IOM, EU, OSCE, World Bank, etc.)
  • Normative framework for migration related to Central Asia
  • The situation of the Kazakh and Kyrgyz trade unions
  • Priorities and actions of the ILO on migration in Central Asia
  • Proposals for a follow-up strategy for mobilizing the ILO - Global and local trade unions