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International Campaign “16 Days without Violence”

Every year the NGO "Sana Sezim" takes an active part in the International Campaign "16 Days without Violence". Within the framework of this campaign, together with representatives of state and law enforcement bodies, various activities are held with the population according to the developed plan.

This year, within the framework of "16 days without violence" the NGO "Sana Sezim" continues to provide free legal, psychological and social assistance to victims of domestic violence with the aim of reducing the level of violent relations in society, protecting the rights of women and children and ensuring their access to justice. In the period January-June 2017, 1547 people asked for help from lawyers on family and marriage issues (divorce, alimony, malicious evasion of payment of alimony, establishment of paternity, determination of the child's place of residence, deprivation / restriction of parental rights, division of property, domestic violence). Those who appealed to the organization said that the main cause of the problems is domestic violence against women and children. Unfortunately, very often women withdraw their applications after going to the police and remain with the abusers because of economic dependence (lack of own housing, work, education). In practice, cases of domestic violence in the family or marital rape are most often not brought to court.


Today the Government of Kazakhstan pays special attention to the problem of domestic violence. There are shelters for victims of domestic violence in each region, where the victims can be rehabilitated during the period of 6 months, where their rights can be protected and they can be successfully re-socialized. Large-scale actions are conducted to prevent domestic violence. The society is gradually realizing that the problem of domestic violence must be solved together with state and law enforcement bodies, civil society and the media.


Ramil’s story:

"The help of a lawyer and a psychologist is very important for me. The lawyer represented my interests in court, because my ex-husband constantly threatens me that he will take my child from me, make me disabled, and I cannot protect myself. Despite the fact that we have been divorced for a year, he continues to persecute me and my child. I was afraid to tell about violence in my family before I applied to the NGO "Sana Sezim". I was afraid that I would be judged, because divorce is a disgrace. I did not believe that at least someone could help me ...”

Lydia’s story:

"Before going to the NGO" Sana Sezim ", I did not know that I could apply for a protective order. My husband often beat me, leaving no traces on my body, and I could not prove domestic violence. After consulting with a lawyer, I wrote a statement to the district inspector and indicated the need for a protective prescription. After that, my husband changed his attitude towards me. He realized that he could still be punished and be held accountable for his actions. "

Together, we will be able to help a large number of people subjected to domestic violence. If you have any questions regarding the problem of domestic violence, you can contact our organization for the protection of rights and access to justice.