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“Monitoring human rights in Kazakhstan” funded by the USAID and IOM in Kazakhstan

Project Timeline: December 2016 - June 2017
Geography project: South Kazakhstan Region, Shymkent
Project Subject:Recognition of the right to compensation caused by the crime of human trafficking.

Project goal: To improve access to justice for victims of human trafficking and the right to receive compensation to a larger number of victims of trafficking.

Project activities:

  • To analyze the right to obtain compensation for victims of human trafficking in accordance with the basis of international and national law a wide range of international standards that are associated with the fight against human trafficking.
  • To study the actual needs of victims of trafficking for the realization of the right to compensation for victims of human trafficking in the South - Kazakhstan region.
  • To analyze whether the implemented court decisions on compensation and whether compensation paid to victims of trafficking.
  • Provide recommendations, as well as the analysis of the legislation to the authorized body for the reform of national legislation relating to the issue of compensation to the victims of trafficking.