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Training “Detection and identification of human traffic victims” for law-enforcement officials.

On 20 July 2015, representatives of NGO LCWI Sana Sezim have conducted training “Detection and identification of human traffic victims” for law-enforcement officials. This training was organized and conducted within the project “Protection of rights and legal interests of female labor migrants as potential human rights victims” under the financial support of German Foreign Ministry.

The objective of training was to prevent human traffic and improve the level of knowledge of law-enforcement officials on detection and identification of human rights victims, providing recommendations in case of suspicion or finding out the facts of human trafficking.

Training participants have received the following skills and knowledge: the problem of human traffic as human rights violation; difference between “human traffic” and “illegal bringing of migrant”; national and international instruments to combat human trafficking; identification of human traffic victims; re-direction of such victims in case of finding and identification.

Currently, law-enforcement bodies identify human traffic victims during their police checks, or when the victim comes to police. Since such problem exists, policemen need appropriate training. Therefore, improving their knowledge on human trafficking will be a direct assistance on identification and protection of these victims. It is planned to conduct 3 more trainings of similar type in Shymkent.