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Training on Safety for Human Rights Activists.

On 13 February 2015, a one-day training was conducted in Shymkent on Safety of Human Rights Activists, whose occupation is directed on human rights protection. This training was organized and conducted by NGO LCWI Sana Sezim within the project “Provide access to justice to human rights victims” under the financial support of the National Democracy Foundation. Representatives of 20 NGOs of the South Kazakhstan Oblast took part in the training.

The objective of the training was to support in sharing the skills and knowledge, to provide additional instruments and information to human rights activists which will be useful in resolving the problems of personal and organizational safety.

The following topics have been covered in training:

  • Who are human right activists? Frontline and other programs on their safety.
  • Analysis of risks and assessment of threats.
  • Vulnerable points, possibilities.
  • Preventative strategies regarding specific risks.
  • Preparation of individual plan of safety.
  • Prevention of negative impact of stress and traumatic experience.

Trainer was Ms. Anara Ibrayeva, Chairman of NGO Kadyr Kasiet. The following techniques have been used in training: brainstorm, small group discussions, case study, role plays and discussions.