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I do not beat the one whom I love

«Panorama Shymkent », №16(1041) 30.04.2010.

Talgat Kulkeev

It is hoped that we live in an ordered society. But there are more frequent cases in life   where the family arguments turn into fights. Usually in these fights of local importance weak women and children are suffering. And there is still alive stereotype that it is not needed to look for those who are guilty in this case, supposedly this is a family problem and they solve it themselves. Until this time the low enforcement agencies thought like that too, examining such cases reluctantly because often when quarrels die, wives take their applications back. The experience of other countries shows that domestic violence is considered around the world as a progressive state emergency and crime.  The fact that we need to adopt advanced experiences, right to confront domestic violence was said at the round table on April 28. His theme was the discussion of the Law on “Prevention of Domestic Violence", on "state guarantees of equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women."

Organizers of action are: the Commission for Women, Family and Demographic Policy at Akim South Kazakhstan, the Department of Internal Affairs of SKR and NGO "Sana Sezim" - talked about how to strengthen the interaction between the internal affairs of South Kazakhstan and cooperation with government agencies and non-governmental organizations in issues of observance of women’s rights. Experts gave recommendations to provide practical assistance to organizations involved in the issue, as well as to attract public attention to the observance of women and children’s rights.