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“Civil Alliance” of South Kazakhstan: “Power is in unity!”

«South Kazakhstan», №139(18.838) 1. 11.2010

 A. Chembeleeva

The first symbolic date is five years from the date formation of “Civil Alliance” of South of Kazakhstan. “It is not quite anniversary, but it is milestone in the history of the Alliance, which must not be left without attention”, - the head of the association K. Alipova defined the status of the current anniversary. All those who work and together decide the social important issues in this association gathered and celebrated the anniversary.  Among the honored guests there were the head of the regional department of internal policy B. Zhalmurzaev, the Secretary of Shymkent maslikhat J.Makhashov, Deputy of Akim B. Narymbetov,  The Deputy of Chairman of the regional affiliate NDP “NUR OTAN” K. Zhantoreeva, the leaders of non-governmental organizations.   

Today Alliance has more than 70 non-governmental organizations and business-structures.  In October 2005, when the unions of two sectors of society were born, they were twice less.  By the way our region was the first in the Republic where in the framework of nationwide consolidation project of civil institutions and businesses had such a structure which is actively cooperate with the government authorities and civil societies institutions. 

This is especially proud for those who stood at its source. According to Clara Tulendievna points of coincidence was felt easy, everybody’s goal was and remains the one – improving people’s well-being.

In 2005 the founders of the “Civil Alliance” Of South of Kazakhstan were the Association “South Kazakhstan’s non-governmental organizations union and local affiliate of the National Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers “Atameken”. The idea of joining forces was announced on the Regional Civil NGO Forum. Businessmen have accepted the offer with enthusiasm, because from now their charity has become more systematic and effective.     

How did it all begin? It began with the solution of tasks of implementation of non-judicial forms of conflict resolutions. Today there are some directions of works which is carried out together with political parties, ethnic and cultural centers, professional associations, religious organizations, through the Mass Media. So, Farmer Foundation of Kazakhstan PF, South Kazakhstan provides consultative and practical help for the starting of business, introduction of new technologies, job creation. NGO “Sana Sezim” provides assistance to women and children in difficult life situations; NGO “Aru-Analar” provides social and legal help for mothers of large families and the families of repatriates.  

In general, we have made our original purpose through the joined forces, expanded impact on all the institutions of civil society - said K. Alipova. Please, note that we are social activists for our work we do not get any coins, everything is held on people – enthusiasts, and the more is such people, the more is successful activities.

The second task was the implementation of special initiatives “Relay of good works”. Which is dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Constitution of Republic of Kazakhstan, it lasted for a month and a half. To the conduction of “Relay of good works” joined all the institutions of civil society working in the region: political parties and movements, NGOs, national cultural centers, religious associations, creative and scientific unions, who was working all this time in close consultation and have decided a number of social useful tasks.   

At the solemn meeting devoted to the fifth anniversary of the Alliance, there was said many warm words. Including the words directed to Klara Alipova. She is inspirer and main generator of the ideas. Not without reason one of the guest has noticed “Saying “Civil Alliance”-we mean Klara Tulendievna, saying  “Klara Tulendievna” - we mean Civil Alliance”.

Few would argue that Klara Alipova is one of the most famous women of South of Kazakhstan. The teacher of Russian language and literature has taken the post of secretary of the city committee in a few years, and then regional party committee. A person of Soviet training, she quickly got used to the modern reality, she is engaged in public projects for many years. Big tasks are planned for future. They will be solved together too, that is why the slogan of Alliance is “We are a team” and “Power is in unity”.