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Help to migrants

«Panorama Shymkenta», №4(1029) 29.01.2010

Under the heading of “Society”

In last years, among migrants is detected significantnumber of carries of social dangerous infections, such as tuberculosis, sexual transmitted infections (STIs), and others.

The number of HIV-infected women and men among migrants are increasing and there are also the risks of birth of HIV-inflected children. Thus, the probability of transmission of HIV-inflection increases. Because of the low wages in the motherland, these people will seek, by all means go back to Kazakhstan in order to earn money for the family as an illegal migrant.

The Legal Center for Women’s Initiatives “Sana Sezim” from December 1, 2009 launched the project “Prevention of HIV among labor migrants in the countries of Central Asia” with the financial support of the International Organization on Migration. 

If you or your friends need to get information about the transmission of HIV/AIDS, you can always turn on the ‘Hotline”: +7(7252) 50-07-85, 56-47-54.