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Preventive measures of human trafficking among youth

«Білім нұры» № 3-4 (62-63) 18.02.2011.

Today, many young people know about the existence of human trafficking but they believe that it never touch them or their loved ones. Zarina (name is changed) also thought like that.

Zarina met a young man after finishing the college. They began dating. He had his own business; he had traveled half of the world. She dreamed of a high-paying job, and he offered the job at the company of his friend in Atyrau. Parents were against her departure. Her boyfriend paid for the flights. When they arrived in Atyrau they were met by his friend and he immediately invited them as a guest. Zarina agreed, thinking that he was her future boss. They came to a small apartment where other girls already were held. There, she saw that the “boss” gave the money to her friend and took her passport from him. She immediately realized that she was sold, she saw like scenes on TV and read in the newspapers. Then there were threats to put on drugs, beatings, sexual violence.   

She had worked for 3 months. Meanwhile, her parents began to look for her, and went to the police and called on the “Hotline” of Legal Center for Women “Sana Sezim”.

Zarina had repeatedly asked her customers for help, explaining that she was held by force and did not allowed communicating with anyone. And once Zarina managed to take phone from the client and call home and tell the address where she was hold. 

Her parents told her location to the staff of NGO “Sana-Sezim” and police officers. The police checked the specified address, and Zarina returned home.

On the prevention of human trafficking and rendering the help to victims of human trafficking and their families NGO “Sana-Sezim” works since 2001. During this time, they managed to return many victims (both men and women) to their motherlands. 

It is important to note that every person can help to rescue from slavery, whether it is a student who knows that there contains girls at the next entrance; passerby who saw a girl who was put in the car by force or a person using the services of commercial sex workers, who will tell that she needs help and she is held by force.

The training on prevention human trafficking was directed to young people, which was conducted on 27.01.2011 in the South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University.

The purpose of this training was to attract public attention to the progression of human trafficking in Kazakhstan, the formation of practice based on respect and support the girls, rejection of violent relationships and preventing of demand. That training was conducted in the framework of “Prevention of Human Trafficking in Central Asia the Agency USAID”.

In the framework of the training the students were shown the videos about human trafficking around the world, they actively participated dividing on small groups discussion and brainstorming sessions. For example, they were asked to draw pictures, sketches, showing the time on the discussion topics. No one was indifferent to the problem. The result of this training was the active position of each participant and understanding that they can change the life of another person and to help him if he is a victim of human trafficking.

If any of you need help or you know cases where people are held by force, you can turn to the staff of Legal Center for Women’s Initiatives “Sana-Sezim”  on the  “Hot line”  +7 (7252) 56-47-54 and get also the help of a lawyer, a psychologist and a social worker for free.

Vera Zakutnyaya- Program Coordinator, psychologist of NGO “Sana-Sezim”.