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No - to domestic violence

“Panorama Shymkenta”, №25 (1103)
August 26, 2011

 August 22-27 the Republic campaign “Stop Domestic Violence in the family!” are conducted in the South Kazakhstan region and other regions of Republic of Kazakhstan.  The event was organized by the Regional Commission for Women, Family and Demography Policy under the Akim of SKR with Department of Internal Affairs of SKO, The Legal Center for Women’s Initiatives “Sana-Sezim”, the regional branch of the “Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan”.

No - to domestic violence

In our city the action started on Monday evening in the ethnic park “Кенбаба”. Young volunteers of NGO were distributing the informational brochures with excerpts from the Law on “Prevention of offences” and other Laws of Kazakhstan.

-In the prevention of Domestic Violence the main role is to inform citizens -said the representative of the South Kazakhstan regional branch Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan Kuralay Bekenova. It should be clear: Domestic Violence is a global problem all over the world.  But there is another problem- the legal illiteracy and nihilism: many people do not know that there is relevant legislation and their rights can be protected. It is important that people know this information from an early age. Children are also victims of violence.

In addition to distributing  of  booklets during the campaign in organizations, institutions and associations of regions and cities will be conducted meetings, lectures, talks , ”round tables”

Maria Lavrova