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To the migrant about his rights

«SouthKazakhstan» №69(18.932)

 “To the migrant about his rights”-are called the informational stands, which has been set at three control- border crossing points between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan-"Kazygurt", "Zhibek Zholy" and "Kaplanbek."

The idea belongs to the NGO “Sana-Sezim” with the financial support of International Organization for Migration. The stands are in three languages-Uzbek, Russian, Tajik-they contains information on the rules of staying of foreigners in the territory of Kazakhstan, their registration rights and obligations. And also there is the telephone number of NGO “Sana-Sezim”, to where in the case of difficult situations migrants can appeal for the help.

-It was not easy to set the stands, because the post is restricted where such things are forbidden, - says President of Legal Center for Women's Initiatives "Sana Sezim" Khadicha Abysheva. -But, after receiving permission from the management of the border service of Committee on National Security of Republic of Kazakhstan, we fulfilled all requirements, up to the size of the text font and necessary color gamut of stands.

Efforts were not in vain. According to the staff of NGO “Sana-Sezim” after two months from the date of setting of stands, the numbers of calls from the labor migrants have increased. 

O. Sivtsova