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From 21 to 22 September 2010

   From 21 to 22 September 2010, the first Republic Forum of mediators took place in Almaty city. Responsible for organization of this forum were the following bodies: UNDP, Superior Court, NGO «Contact», NGO «Sana Sezim» and «KIDA».

    Principal objectives of the forum were the following objectives:
  • Fortification of cooperation links between Kazakhstan mediators, exchange of experience between Kazakh and international mediators in the sphere of application of various types of mediation, including discussion of issues about provision of gender equality in the practice of mediation;
  • Discussion and acceptance of tools, controlling the activity of mediators (design of fundamentals that prescribe general principals of mediators cooperation, typical code of ethics among mediators);
  • Design and acceptance of recommendations to increase the awareness of citizens about mediation and further application of mediation in Kazakhstan;

   Participants in this forum were representatives of Superior court, judges, advocates, international experts, practical mediators, representatives of international and non government organizations.