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“Equality before the law: access to justice of vulnerable population segments” with financial support by Eurasia Foundation in Central Asia.


Project timeline: 26 months.

Geography project: Republic of Kazakhstan

Project goal: to provide access to justice for women, children and people with limited possibilities at which human rights are violated.

Specific aims:                                                                                                                                                     

  1. To increase the level of legal consciousness of women, children and people with limited possibilities concerning their rights, and also mechanisms of their protection by carrying out educational and information campaign, using a partner network in different areas of Kazakhstan.
  2. To change application practice of the legislation in the sphere of the justice access of the representatives law-enforcement, and judicial executive organs, through the educational activity.
  3. To increase the legal quality in assistance to women, children and people, which have limited possibilities, and also to strengthen equality principles.
  4. To assist in institutional development, and legal support of a network of the civil society organizations for the protection of the rights of vulnerable population segments.