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February 25-26, 2009

   February 25-26, 2009 the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in conjunction with the Legal Center for Women's Initiatives "Sana Sezim" in Shymkent, held a regional workshop on the topic: "Labor Migration: Non-governmental organizations and the protection of migrant workers' rights".
   The event was held at the Program on Labor Migration in Central Asia, which is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the IOM.
   The main purpose of the meeting – to enhance the capacity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to respect the rights of migrant workers and the development of effective interaction of public and private entities and NGOs in providing legal, consulting, and mediation assistance to migrant workers in the countries of Central Asia and Russia.

   A wide range of issues concerning the role of NGOs in the management of labor migration was discussed; particularly, the ways to inform migrants and the population of mechanisms of resolving the legal and other problems of migrant workers with the help of NGOs.
   The impact of the socio-economic crisis, its impact on migration processes, and the activities of NGOs were also discussed at the workshop.
   The workshop was attended by representatives of NGOs, members of government agencies, experts, and representatives of international organizations from Central Asia and Russia.