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A hit does not mean “love”!

“Rabat”, # 2, 12/01/2005
Psychologist NGO “Sana Sezim”
V. Zakutnyaya

A hit does not mean “love”!

   “You beat who you like” and “She likes beatings” are both expressions often used to justify the morality of domestic violence. The affected side, as a rule, is the woman. These stereotypes prevent these women from appealing to anyone for help and leave them alone with spiritual and often physical, injuries. Life becomes unbearable for these women. The situation is like a time bomb. The explosion can lead to very unpredictable results. The murder of her husband or partner is a common “female” crime. Do they need to bring themselves to such extremes, and most importantly – was it a result of what the man did himself?
   In principle, there are remarks that should be alerts to such men during courtship: “You do not need friends because now you have me”, “If I cheat, it is all because of you”, “You are beautiful enough for me, don’t wear cosmetics”, “Who are you trying to seduce?”, “All women are prostitutes, and do you wish you had another?”, “I don’t want you to get dressed up, are you trying to make me angry?”, etc… If it is your choice, then think before you decide to link your destiny with such a man.
   If you, your relatives, or friends have been victims of at least one of the manifestations of domestic violence - physical or psychological – it is necessary to call the hotline (21-61-52) or visit the Legal Center for Women's Initiatives “Sana Sezim” at the address: 25 G.Ilyaeva Street, office 17, 21. Here you always be listened to, understood, and supported.