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Do not become a victim of trafficking

Yuzhnyi Kazakhstan № 132 (18.047) 07/11/2005
The thematic section "Molodezhka"

Do not become a victim of trafficking

The Legal Center for Women's Initiatives "Sana Sezim" conducted a competition titled "We are against human trafficking!" among students in 11 grade schools in the area. According to statistics students in these schools are vulnerable to traffic.

   Human trafficking is an issue recognized on a world political stage. Human trafficking from the South Kazakhstan region has recently gained momentum and become the largest illegal business in the region. Statistics show that the number of people who wish to work abroad is increasing every year, most of which are young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years old. While there are many reasons for leaving, there is a real risk for these people to become victims of sexual slavery, which is the most widespread kind of human trafficking in the world. Our society is not sufficiently informed on this issue. One of the main objectives of "Sana Sezim" is to broaden the public awareness of human trafficking and the dangers associated with migration.
   Students were given four themes: "What is slavery in the 21st century?", "What and why are young people attracted to working abroad?", Why should I stay and work in Kazakhstan?", "What can I do to get a good job in Kazakhstan?". Their work could be completed in Kazakh or Russian. The competition's commission, which consisted of school teachers and staff from "Sana Sezim", identified three winners. The winners were: Ayzhan Emberdieva (SSH number 49), Julia Razdolskaya (SSH number 43), Alan Ermekova (SSH number 45).
   These girls are confident that they will never become victims of human trafficking because of the knowledge that they have of Kazakhstan's situation. In addition they have now participated in an action that highlighted the problem of trafficking and how to stop the growth of it. "People are sold and purchased in our world, combating human trafficking can and should be done," Julia said. Alan wrote a composition of a real life story of misfortunate girls in Shymkent, who got caught up into human trafficking after agreeing to work as nurses in Madrid. Aija did her own investigation where she called the number in newspaper ads that offered jobs to women. Generally all of the answers to her questions about where, what work was being offered, and about the payment were all vague.
   But what if you do decide to work abroad? What do you do if you find yourself in a difficult situation when you are abroad and lose your passport and money? Before you go to work abroad you should gather the information about the agency you will be working for, including a contract. Then you should show it to an attorney to ensure that it is legitimate.
   You should also have copies of the phone numbers and addresses of the Kazakh Consulate in the Country which you will be going to, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and International Organization for Migration. If possible quickly establish contacts and friends with local people and make sure that family and friends keep in regular contact with you. Make sure to give them all the numbers and addresses of your new situation, including embassy information.
   Still, no one can ever be certain that employment in the little-known companies or agencies will ensure your complete security and will make you money.