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Working as a slave

Yuzhnyi Kazakhstan № 73 (17.988) 17/06/2005
N. Kazorina

Working as a slave

   In the South Kazakhstan Region there has been a construction boom, bringing with it many opportunities for employment. At the same time, more than 2000 Southern Kazakhs called Sana Sezim's hotline requesting advice about working abroad. There were also calls about human trafficking. Women in Kazakhstan are recruited and trafficked to the UAE, Greece, and Turkey and Kazakhstan brings in illegal slaves from Uzbekistan. The monitoring of this by law enforcement and NGOs is a phenomenon that is characteristic of this area. At a training on the issue of human trafficking, which included coaches from Sana Sezim, V. Zakutnyaya and T.G. Savina and members of the South Kazakhstan Region immigration police, it was discussed how to identify victims of human trafficking among illegal immigrants. At documentary film on human trafficking of women and children was also shown at this training.
   "The purpose of my training was not so much to interact with specialists, but rather to establish contacts for joint actions," said the president of Sana Sezim H. Abysheva, "Moreover, there are examples. Together with the Maulenkulova office some travel agents who had been involved in the illegal export of people for employment abroad had their licenses revoked and the police were satisfied."