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Known to himself – transferred to another

“Yuzhnyi Kazakhstan”,# 97(18.168), 18/08/2006
N. Olegova

Known to himself – transferred to another

Perhaps the only institution in South Kazakhstan, which works without a break, is the Commission on Family Affairs and Gender Policy under the Akim of the South Kazakhstan Region. Summer has actively been used for mobile training seminars. Recently, two were held in Saryagash on the theme “Gender Education” and “Stop human trafficking”. The representatives of the Legal Center for Women’s Initiatives “Sana Sezim” work closely with the Commission. Actually such a unification of efforts of state bodies and NGOs to improve the legal culture and eliminate the shortcomings of gender education is part of the list of tasks in the “Strategies for gender equality in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2006-2016”. Today, unfortunately, discrimination based on gender exists in almost all spheres of society; especially, in regards to income distribution, in politics, and in the household sector. Illegal export of people from South Kazakhstan Region is its largest illegal business. Women are not the only victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. It appears, in fact, that slavery and illegal export includes men. How can one avoid the risks and consequences of hasty action, not fall for the bait of these fishers of souls, and take security measures when leaving to work abroad? Participants were fully informed of this and many other things in seminars and will pass it on through friends, colleagues, and friends.