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Give your child drops of happiness!

“Yuzhnyi Kazakhstan”, # 117 (18.188), 04/10/2006
N. Olegova

Give your child drops of happiness!

   Olya dreams of a doll, Vadim of a car, Timur has never seen dice ... Alas, in our time there are children who are not pampered with attention or care. They are hungry, poor, sometimes not seeing a toy in their life. These children have no opportunities. Therefore, the Legal Center for Women's Initiatives “Sana Sezim” announced a campaign “Give happiness to every child”. If you have toys or clothes for children and you can share them with disadvantaged kids, bring them to the following address: 22 Respublica, Apartment 4 (next to the cafe “Almaty”). All inquiries should call 56-27-32 or 56-47-54, and ask for Shakhlo. The program lasts until 20 October. Also during the day a children's hotline will operate from 8.30 am to 24.00 pm, providing psychological and legal services. After all, happiness for the child is not only through gifts, but through being understood.