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Where are the poor children?

“Yuzhnyi Kazakhstan” #91(18.162), 04/08/2006
Z. Ozhogin

Where are the poor children?

   If you offend, humiliate, beat, frighten and shout threats, or even worse, sexually abuse a child, he will think that everything is deserved and bad experiences of violence teaches him to act the same way.
   According to statistics, 20 percent of girls and 40 percent of boys growing up in families with an atmosphere of violence subsequently abuse their children. Almost all of them believe this is not a crime, but simply a way of resolving conflicts.
   Despite a number of laws and declarations, the facts show that violations of the right of every human being (and including children) to be protected from any form of violence are increasing. Each year, the number of victims increases. They are faced with violence at home, in the yard, at school, and see it on television. Children and adults begin to experience it everyday, which is especially frightening.
   If we do not want these problems in the society tomorrow, we should stop the violence in our families now. Together!
   If you, your relatives, or your friends have been victims of at least one of the manifestations of domestic violence contact the hotline (56-27-32) at the Legal Center for Women's Initiatives “Sana Sezim” or go to their address: 22 Prospect Respublica. There you will be helped!