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The right choice for you!

Omir Aina, #33, 16/11/2006
psychologist, NGO "Sana Sezim"
V. Zakutnyaya

The right choice for you!

   In newspapers and on television we are often warned about the phenomenon of human trafficking. Many people think that this affects others, but not them, their family, or their friends. This is not so!
   How many people look through the newspaper ads for jobs? Someone does every minute, if not by necessity, at least out of curiosity.
   What are they looking for? Certainly higher wages and a prestigious location. Many often stop to look at the proposals to work abroad. These ads argue that these jobs offer higher income, a more developed country, more career opportunities, etc…In what ways do they promise a "beautiful life"? Here are examples of several advertisements:

  • Looking for a European-looking girl to work for Xerox. (Why would appearance and gender of a worker be important for photo copying?)
  • Cyprus. Dancer needed. (Do you think that there is a shortage of dancers in Cyrus or that they might be interested in the folk dances of Central Asia?)
  • A new international campaign abroad. No age or education requirements. Wages over $500. (What type of work requires no knowledge, experience, or education? Would $500 be enough money for accommodation and food this other country?)
  • A girl to serve as an escort. (Often the title of escort does not only mean accompaniment to events, but often has other meanings, like to provide sexual services.)

   There are many of these types of ads. People should check the accuracy of the information, ask for licenses, insist on signing an employment contract with the company that lists all the requirements and obligations, and get a work visa, but many people just believe in the word of representatives of the "campaigns". They typically are very sociable, erudite and pleasant people...
   Therefore, before saying "yes" and run the risk of being sold as a slave with no money, mental rest, opportunities, or communications with your family, get skilled care of a lawyer and a psychologist. The project "Stop human trafficking!", which is being carried out by the Legal Center for Women's Initiatives "Sana Sezim", with the financial support of the European Commission in Kazakhstan allows you to do this. Call the phone hotline at: +7 (3252) 56-27-32. Our assistance is free and confidential.