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A call worth a life ...

Yuzhnyi Kazakhstan# 129-130(18.200-201), 01/10/2006
N. Olegova

A call worth a life…

   The Legal Center for Women's Initiatives "Sana Sezim" provides free, confidential legal and psychological assistance to victims of human trafficking, those who believe they are being exploited by their employers, or those who question the legality of their work. With the support of the European Commission, this action is called "Stop Human Trafficking".
   It is often believed that the only case of human trafficking is when a woman has been tricked or abducted into sexual slavery with the promise of a beautiful life; however, human trafficking in the 21st century has different faces. Human trafficking occurs through forced marriages and anytime a woman becomes a household slave where there is a violation of laws, withholding of appropriate wages, a deprivation of liberty of movement, illegal labor, or when security and social protection are not guarantees.
   In order to help victims and potential victims of human trafficking a hotline has been opened. Call it for free assistance: (3252) 56-27-32. It gives the opportunity to obtain advice about these issues and the work of "Sana Sezim" has already benefited many women.