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Capacity Building Seminar for Mediators. Tbilisi, Georgia. May 23-35, 2011

This three day seminar is targeted at mediation professionals and other conflict resolution practitioners from the Central Asia and South Caucasus region to inform them about the work of the independent accountability mechanisms of the Asian Development Bank and World Bank Group and the role of these mechanisms in providing grievance redress and dispute resolution services to citizens affected by development projects. The training will explain how the mechanisms work with civil society, their respective complaint handling processes, and what local mediators can expect from involvement in a dispute resolution process facilitated by these mechanisms. The seminar aims to achieve the joint goal of building a network of local mediators in the Central Asia region while building the capacity of those mediators to work on potential future cases with the mechanisms.
This interactive seminar, facilitated by OSPF and CAO, will use formal presentations, case studies, conflict simulations, and group work to train participants and provide opportunities for networking with staff from the mechanisms and other mediators. The enclosed draft agenda provides more details on the seminar.

About the Independent Accountability Mechanisms
The Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO) is the independent accountability mechanism for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)—the private sector arms of the World Bank Group. IFC and MIGA support financing and insurance to support private sector development projects in over 180 countries globally. Reporting directly to the President of the World Bank Group, the CAO responds to complaints from people affected by IFC/MIGA projects with the aim of improving social and environmental outcomes on the ground and fostering greater public accountability of IFC and MIGA.
The CAO’s dispute resolution team works to identify the causes of conflict and helps parties resolve concerns using a flexible, problem-solving approach. In its other roles, the CAO oversees compliance investigations of IFC’s/MIGA's social and environmental performance, and provides independent advice to the President and management of the World Bank Group.
The Office of the Special Project Facilitator (OSPF) is part of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Accountability Mechanism. ADB’s mission is to help its developing member countries in the Asia and Pacific region substantially reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their
people. It does this by providing loans, technical assistance, grants, equity investments, and guarantees to governments and private enterprises in its developing member countries. ADB’s Accountability Mechanism provides an independent forum where people adversely affected by ADB-assisted projects can voice and hopefully resolve their problems, and request a review of compliance with ADB’s operational policies and procedures. The primary function of OSPF is to facilitate solutions to problems caused by ADB-assisted projects, using consensus-based methods, seeking agreement among all parties, and identifying ways to resolve problems.

The seminar is targeted at mediation and conflict resolution professionals from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, particularly those with experience of sustainable development issues in the public and/or private sectors, including environmental protection, community development, labor and human rights, gender, indigenous peoples and other vulnerable or marginalized groups.